This Software is in Alpha-Development and for free!

For Players, Admins & Server-Owners:

  • Save your buildings online at runtime
  • Copy your buildings to another server at runtime
  • Move huge areas/buildings to another place without lag
  • Create pictures of your saved data and show your friends
  • Provide other players with your buildings with a simple command. No more stupid file-downloads.
  • Copy Items, Animals, Monsters and even WorldGuard-Regions to another server/world!
  • Backup your Buildings, even if your server crashes you can undo those changes.
  • Compatible with Bukkit/Spigot 1.7_R4 and 1.8_R1, 1.8_R2, 1.8_R3, 1.9_R2


For Programmers:

  • Use the Chunkli-API to manipulate the Minecraft world.
    • Chunkli automatically protects you from async/sync errors
    • Chunkli protects you from world insert/change-lags
  • Save 100.000.000 Blocks in just 30 Seconds while still playing at the same time
  • Insert any data without any lag
  • Refresh your Spleef-Arena or your Hunger-Games-Map in under 5 Seconds
    • No more Server-Restart
    • No more Asynchronous-Errors
    • No more Crashes
  • Replace your complete Spawn-Area with a new one without restarting or client-lags
  • Change the View-Distance at runtime
  • Manipulate the world from the server-console. No player needed!
  • Manipulate the world directly from your own Plugin by using the Chunkli-API
  • Chunkli has a very small memory footprint, even if you insert millions of blocks


Insert huge buildings at runtime without any lags


Manipulate your world in seconds without any lags (rotation coming soon)


Create pictures of your saves from every compass direction


Enable your users to change their plots by using the Chunkli-API